Newly Named Bishop of Innsbruck Advocates for Women Deacons

Hermann Glettler, recently appointed bishop in Innsbruck, said that he is “definitely for” the admission of women to the diaconate, Austrian media report. Now that the pope has appointed a commission on women deacons, Glettler would be very happy if it “came into the home stretch relatively soon and were decided positively.”

Asked about ordination of females priests, Glettler said this is “not so utopian.” But first steps are needed such as female deacons.

Asked if he is open to giving Communion to the divorced and remarried, the bishop-to-be responded, “Very.” To give Communion to those whose marriage failed and live in a new relationship has “very, very much sense based on the Gospel.” But it is also sensible to accompany those who come to the conclusion that they will not receive Communion. It is a matter of “accompanying, distinguishing, and then leaving open whether someone says, I will deliberately go to Communion or I will deliberation forego this, based on specific inner motives.”




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