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When a Stranger Offends the Liturgical Aesthetic

A beautiful candle-lit Vespers service had just concluded. The pouring rain outside echoed in the sanctuary, adding to the sense of reverence. Most of the congregation had left, but a few, like my friend, Tony, had remained to pen the names of loved ones in the book of remembrance or pray. I set my belongings on a front […]


Fiat Lux!

One year ago today, December 8, 2015, this striking light show on the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica, “Fiat Lux,” heightened our awareness of “our common home” earth (cf. Laudato Si’).


The Fifty-first Anniversary of the Closing of Vatican II

Sometimes I think of the mystery of the Incarnation—central to Advent and Christmas—as God deciding to enroll in the “Human Being 101” course. Not because God didn’t grasp what it was like to be fully human, but because WE didn’t grasp that God fully knew our human experience. So, in the person of Jesus, God lived among us and knew our joys and hopes, our griefs and anxieties first-hand. And we still unfold and celebrate that mystery in our own day-by-day living as members of Christ’s Body.


More on Communion under Both Forms and Concomitance

“At no time has the Church in her official teaching or in her best theologians ever considered Communion under one species as the ideal.”


Auxiliary bishops and why they are (not) needed

The existence of auxiliary bishops in the Catholic Church is comprehensible, but not very helpful for the theology of episcopacy according to the Second Vatican Council.


Christ Cathedral Renderings

How does one renovate an existing place of worship to suit a new dogma?


NPM Names New President

Steve Petrunak has directed a very strong music program at St. Blase Parish in Sterling Heights, Michigan.


No Precious Blood for the laity in Manchester, NH

From the 1st Sunday of Advent until Holy Thursday the bishop has effectively banned Communion from the chalice in his diocese.


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For the Life of the World

The program is viewed as not only being inspired by Eucharist, but as an extension of it to encompass the whole community.


Time for a New Feast

The precedent is set in the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland to commemorate the great number of holy men and holy women who have gone before us.


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