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Milestones in Papal Ecumenism: Part Two

Jerusalem was just the beginning… Paul VI had a similarly groundbreaking meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most. Rev. Michael Ramsey.


Milestones in Papal Ecumenism

In January 1964 five hundred and twenty five years of silence were broken.


Fighting over Liturgy Distorts Purpose of Mass, Papal Liturgist Says

When it comes to celebrating the liturgy, “we should never fight.”


An Election Season Prayer

From the Facebook of Fr. James Martin, SJ.  An Election Season Prayer God, I know that I don’t have to get angry. I don’t have to get worked up. I don’t have to get depressed. And I don’t have to throw anything at the TV. I just have to use my conscience and vote. So […]

Liturgy Lines: “Including People with Disability in Liturgy”

by Elizabeth Harrington This post originally appeared at Liturgy Brisbane on December 3, 2006. I grew up in an era when the so-called ‘handicapped’ were seldom seen and certainly never heard. They were looked upon as objects of pity and recipients of charity rather than as truly human. Thank goodness things have changed and today […]

RIP: Laurence Hull Stookey

Laurence Hull Stookey (1937-2016)


This issue of: Worship


Statue of Martin Luther at the Vatican

A new statue has appeared at the Vatican. Thursday at an audience, Pope Francis joined on stage by a statue of Martin Luther. This is particularly noteworthy as it comes ahead of a trip to Lund, Sweden, to commemorate the beginning of the year leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.   […]

Liturgical (Reform of the) Reform and “Neighborhood People”

Liturgical “neighborhood people” are those who love the liturgy they grew up with and are attached to it not for the richness of its theology or the beauty of its words or music or vestments or architecture, but simply because it is theirs, and has been theirs through moments of great sorrow and moments of great joy, marking milestones in their lives and recalling for them the presence of God at those milestones.


Read Cardinal Sarah Accurately

One need not share Sarah’s enthusiasm for ad orientem to find his critique plausible.


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