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Cardinal Sara on Mass Not Facing the People

What the Council fathers exactly wanted?


Viewpoint: The Holy Year, Part Two: The Corporal Works of Mercy

I would like to propose the corporal works of mercy as a way of participating in the Holy Year.


John Allen: the liturgy wars have gone quiet, but have not gone away.

John Allen’s take on the current mood with regard to the Missal translation.


“Looking like a Catholic church”: Liturgy, Architecture, Form, and Function

Recently Fr. Dwight Longenecker published a piece entitled, “Why a Catholic church should look like a Catholic church.” What is at issue, however, is not whether a Catholic church should look like a Catholic church, but rather what this means.


Online Baptism?? Church of Scotland!

“Wider questions about membership and belonging are now being asked by congregations…”


Holy Doors of Mercy

I wonder what experiences people are having with the opened Holy Doors during this extraordinary Jubilee Year? The website of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops describes these doors as “one of the central components of the Jubilee of Mercy.”


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Staff Cuts in Chicago Archdiocese

The Office for Divine Worship will remain as one of four departments


Vatican PR Aide on Internet as “international weapon of mass destruction”

“The character assassination on the Internet by those claiming to be Catholic and Christian has turned it into a graveyard of corpses strewn all around. The Internet can be an international weapon of mass destruction.”


On Veiling in Worship

In an intriguing twist on ancient and ever new concerns over women’s appropriate attire in worship, recent years have witnessed a renewed interest in chapel veils, aka mantillas, in some Catholic circles. How to think about this renewed interest?


Report on Music for the Vespers of Welcome for Archbishop Bernard Hebda

I’d like to share a report on the music used for the rite of reception and Evening Prayer for the new Archbishop of St. Paul-Minneapolis, Bernard Hebda, at the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis on 12 May 2016. It was an extraordinary experience of what I consider the very best of post-Vatican II […]

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