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It’s not a zero-sum game.


Retablo Paintings in Houston

As the Archdiocese of Houston reports, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Houston has installed retablo paintings of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Venerable Antonio Margil, O.F.M, St. Joseph, and the Virgin Mary as part of the renovation of the parish sanctuary, which began in 2015.

Real Bread

I’m not proud of this, but only recently have I come around to a true, inward appreciation for the symbolic value of real communion bread


Liturgy Lines: The Voice and the Ear

Communicating the word is a two way process which requires attentive listeners for it to be effective.


“Your Hearts Will Rejoice”

Paging through this volume is like taking a tour of the whole Easter lectionary, beginning with the Paschal Vigil and running all the way through Pentecost. It invites us to slow down and appreciate what the church recalls at this time each year.


Review of Celebrating Divine Mystery by Catherine Vincie

Catherine Vincie’s Celebrating Divine Mystery: A Primer in Liturgical Theology, should be included on the reading list of any pastoral minister, particularly in the Roman Catholic tradition.


Ordinations, Culture, and Following Christ

The ideal image of clergy as those who draw others in and then get out of the way, pointing to the living God, not themselves… Our North American culture is so pathologically about a reality that is only ‘me’, particularly the ‘me’ who consumes, controls, and manages, that I experienced a moment of hopelessness that any of this made sense in 2017.


New Study on Religion and Nationality in Central and Eastern Europe

The Pew Research Center has published a new study of religion and national identity in Central and Eastern Europe.


Ars praedicandi: Sunday of the Paralytic

For us, the content of this new, very human life is to really become glorified human beings who are without sin.


Liturgy Lines: Ministry of Photographer?

The idea is different from the commercial photographer who takes a snap of every child being confirmed (rather like a graduation). This is more about welcome into a community of Christian love. So what is potentially a negative situation – NO, you can’t take photos in the church – is turned into a positive moment of hospitality and evangelization.


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