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Pray Tell Live at NPM in Houston

Once again, Pray Tell is broadcasting live at the national convention of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians


Summer Visits to Famed Sanctuaries — Virtually

Now that summer is officially here, I wish to flag, for readers of this blog, the chance to visit some renowned sanctuaries – virtually. (If of course your summer travels happen to take you to Rome, France, and Germany this year, you might be able to see these sanctuaries and their treasures in brick-and-mortar, but […]

Youth Compline

Here is the National Catholic Youth Choir singing Compline in Saint John’s Abbey church.


My Organ Caught on Fire

What do you do when ritual is interrupted?


Holy and Great Council

The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church is now in session on the island of Crete.


Massimo Faggioli on Iuvenescit Ecclesia

This letter of the CDF under Francis is a new appraisal of the role given to the movements by his two predecessors.


National Catholic Youth Choir

Camp is underway! 2017 NCYC Theme: “Psalms – Voice of the People of God”


Composition Competition: Ordination Antiphons

A single prize of $2,000 USD will be awarded for the winning settings.



“Give me the old days when you could go to Mass and…..”


Papal Mass with the Disabled

For the first time in St. Peter’s Square, the Gospel reading was dramatized by a group of people with intellectual disabilities


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