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Asking too much? Promising too little?

I have long though that there is a dual problem with our attitude toward liturgy today: we ask too much of people and promise them to little.


Francis the Liturgist

Most liturgists praised the Eucharists celebrated by the pope for being so well planned and executed. The thousands of people present were certainly moved by the experience.


What Happened at the Synod Today about Women Deacons?

Pray Tell interviews Phyllis Zagano, expert on the ordination of female deacons.


With Much Music Unsung, Papal Choir Will Offer Concert in Philadelphia

When we ran down the music to be included at the Papal Mass on Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, it was an ambitious list that included a number of prelude hymns and a number of communion hymns. But, despite everyone’s best efforts, much of the music was never sung.


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Viewpoint: Scriptural Stations of the Cross Need to Be Promoted

I am not suggesting that every church change its Stations from the traditional to the scriptural overnight—but perhaps over time this could be achieved.



Merton: Not Catholic Enough? Or Role Model for Pope Francis?

As recently as last week, the Northern California chapter of the International Thomas Merton Society attempted to host a talk by a Merton scholar and well-respected theologian on the topic of Merton’s interreligious dialogue. But the bishop asked the local Catholic Church to host it off-site.


CARA Begins Surveying Parishes Regarding Outreach to People With Disabilities

“Asking Catholic parishes and dioceses across the United States what they are doing to reach out, include and serve individuals with developmental differences is a practical way to respond to the call by Pope Francis that we pay attention to people who are marginalized in society.”


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Who Is My Neighbor?

I recall one time I was in a subway in Montreal. I was reading a book when an elderly lady, who sat across from me, looked at me and said: “You have a kind face. Would you mind talking to me a little?


References to Liturgy in Pope Francis’s Homily This Evening

“… far from outward pomp…”


The Vatican: Not Built in a Day

More fun with Lego blocks.


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