You all remember Liturgiam authenticam, the controversial Vatican instruction of 2001 which called for a major retranslation of all the vernacular liturgical books, right?

In English it gave us “And with your spirit” and “for you and for many” and complicated, ungracious collects that mostly no one listens to. In major European languages, not much is moving because bishops and bishops’ conferences are refusing to implement unworkable and pastorally inadvisable measures.

Now Sandro Magister reports at Settimo Cielo, which runs at L’Esspresso, that Liturgiam authenticam is to be revisited by Pope Francis:

Directed by the secretary of the congregation [for divine worship], the English archbishop Arthur Roche, a commission has been set up within the dicastery [Vatican office] at the behest of Francis, the objective of which is … the demolition of … the instruction “Liturgiam Authenticam” issued in 2001, which sets the criteria for the translation of liturgical texts from Latin into the modern languages.

Demolition? Really?

Stay tuned.


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