Echoes of Vatican II at the Synod?

synodMuch has been written about the Synod taking place in Rome in recent days, with daily developments making for interesting reading, to say the least. In what appears to be somewhat of a soap opera (as John Allen puts it), the Pope and bishops certainly have the world talking. Deacon William Ditewig reminds us, however, that there are many similarities to the way in which Vatican II was reported and perceived.

For instance, he writes, “many countries held daily press briefings, in addition to the official Vatican briefings.  For the United States, these were often held at the Pontifical North American College.  Other countries held frequent press briefings, just not on a daily basis.  Frequently these ‘pressers’ contained information that was at odds with the official press offering, or they provided additional details.”

Read Ditewig’s full post, “Synod 2014: Lessons on the Process from Vatican II.”


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