Pray Tell is running a series on the liturgical history of Collegeville. The sub-series “From the Archives” reprints some of the Liturgy Committee meeting minutes from 1963 to 1969. This sub-series is a behind-the-scenes look at liturgy in Collegeville during and immediately after the Second Vatican Council.

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August 20, 1962: The new wing of the Liturgical Press Building is nearing completion. The basement will be for storage while the first floor will house offices and display areas.

September 15, 1963: Change in the Monastic Horarium.

  • 4:55 – Rising
  • 5:15 – Lauds, Prime, Tierce [sic], Sext, None.
    • The Conventual Mass will be offered as the rubrics demand. The Clerics and Novices will receive at this Mass.
  • 5:45 – Meditation for the Clerics and Novices.
  • 6:30 – Breakfast.
    • The Brothers will have their morning office and Holy Mass in their own chapel at the same time.
    • Private Masses for the Fathers will follow the end of choir recitation.
  • Father Godfrey Diekmann, editor of Worship, celebrates the Silver Jubilee of Editorship of Worship.
  • At 10:45 he offers Holy Mass with the assistance of a Deacon and two acolytes.
  • Father Gerald Sloyan, a friend of Father, delivers the festive sermon.

Next record from the Liturgy Committee:

Minutes of the Liturgy Committee

Sept. 16, 1963

Present at the meeting were Fathers John, Daniel, Godfrey, Michael, Gerard, Camillus, Leon, Fr. Adam, and Bro. Gerard.

Father John opened the meeting with the announcement that Father Abbot had appointed Fr. Wenceslaus secretary of the committee.

Reactions to the Mass of Sunday, 15, were discussed first. Noticeable mistakes were pointed out: the clerics (some of them) had begun marching into choir too soon, the celebrant had begun the prayers of the Mass while some of the community were still marching in, there was one ciborium too few for the distribution of communion.

It was suggested that the communion cloths be arranged after the Pater Noster. It was also suggested that the community make their way to the choir stalls individually, that is, not in procession, because a procession should either be that of the whole people of God, including the students, or should consist only of the celebrant and ministers.

The possibility of setting up communion stations at the side aisles was one of the matters of discussion. Father Camillus was asked to instruct ushers to see to it that people receive communion at empty tables. Also it was suggested that clerics and brothers stand at communion.

Chief matter of discussion was the form for the “solemnized” Low Mass on Sunday, Sept. 22. The reason for this form of Mass would be more participation on the part of more members of our St. John’s community, esp. the students.

The Mass was arranged as follows:

  • Entrance hymn – taken from Our Parish Prays and Sings, the only book to be used at Mass by our student congregation;
  • Kyrie and all short responses – to be answered by all in Greek and Latin respectively;
  • Gloria –to be recited in English by all after begun by the leader;
  • Epistle- to be read by a student
  • Alleluia- to be sung by a chanter, then by all;
  • Gospel – to be read by a deacon;
  • Apostles’ Creed – to be begun by a leader, then recited by all;
  • Offertory petitions – to be sung by the deacon and to be answered by all;
  • Sanctus XVIII – to be sung in Latin by all, with the celebrant waiting until the conclusion of the Sanctus before beginning the “Te igitur…” (Father Godfrey insisted that the people sing the Sanctus in Latin so that they could join in the Eucharistic prayer);
  • Our Father – to be begun by the leader, then recited by all;
  • Agnus Dei and Domine non sum dignus – to be recited by all in Latin;
  • Communion antiphon and the final hymn- to be sung by all.

Father Wenceslaus and Fr. Adam said that possibly a commentator should be used at this Mass.

Father Godfrey suggested that for the recitation of the Gloria, Creed, and Pater Noster in English, the phrasing in Our Parish Prays and Sings should be followed.

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