This keeps coming up here and there – people make widely varying comments about the 2011 translation of the Exsultet, the Easter Proclamation. Some like it more than others.

For what it’s worth, I rather like it. I think it’s poetic, elegant, and accessible. There are a few places that are a bit “too,” but not many. There are many more places where it soars. I’m glad the translator was given the liberty to repeat words for the sake of rhythm and poetry – and she did so nicely, starting with the opening phrase, “Exult, let them exult.”

For the record, Vox Clara didn’t touch the Exsultet translation they got from ICEL (via the conferences). So we can set aside that issue.

Now I already liked the previous translation, so I’m not coming at it with that bias.

I like the chant setting (I know I have a bias on that…), but I am concerned at its level of difficulty. I wonder whether there shouldn’t be another simplex setting to help out our deacons.

What do you think? What do you like in the English text, or not?

Here’s the full text of the Exsultet, 2011 English next to the Latin, compliments of Wikipedia.




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