At the plenary assembly of the Council of European Bishops in Bratislava, Cardinal Dominik Duka said today that the public perception of the Church is marked too much by preaching and pushing people away, and young people do not understand the Church’s language. The cardinal considers it a great problem that the language of the Church has become completely incomprehensible to youth.

“The Church must appear less as admonisher and more as the bearer of programs that are attractive to people,” Duka said. He recalled the times of great Catholic breakthrough movements, such as in the time of Don Bosco. The Church then undertook great efforts for education, against poverty, and against sickness, and through these the Church had great power of attraction.

In order to speak to people today, he said, the Church must convey the fundamental confidence that “God plays in the big leagues” and the devil “only in the minor leagues.” He said, “There are not two teams of each strength. There is already a victor.”

Source: KIPA.

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