The newly-translated German-language missal was moving toward approval – this after much to-ing and fro-ing about problems with the translation theory forced on everyone with the 2001 Roman document Liturgiam authenticam. But it keeps getting delayed. The German episcopal conference reports:

Completion of the Translation of the Missale Romanum

The president of the liturgy commission, Cardinal Joachim Meisner (Cologne), presented the concluding report of the episcopal commission Ecclesia celebrans which was established in 2004. It had the task of translating the missal. In comparison to the current German-language missal, whose high textual quality stands without question, the translation of the commission is marked by a style that can be designated as tighter, more sober and concentrated. The collaborators in the commission have fulfilled their task of translation in accord with their understanding of the Latin text and their sense of the German language.

Despite the completion of the work of translation, in summer of this year there arose a need for greater clarification. This resulted from the reactions of members of the German bishops’ conference, the appeal of the Austrian bishops’ conference, and fundamental questions from the Swiss bishops’ conference. Against this background, the permanent council advised already in June 2013 against making a decision of approval at this Fall plenary session. The further process lies now in the competence of the bishops’ conferences responsible for the final publication. At the present time there is no further information on the timeframe.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the missal was scheduled for release in Advent 2013, and that the most recent delay was a change in plans. As clarified in the comments below, that is not the case.

Translation: awr.

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