UPDATED: Here is a video of the pope’s Mass in the youth prison.


It’s official. Acording to Vatican Radio, Pope Francis washed the feet of females as well as males at Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the youth prison:

After the homily, the pope washed the feet of twelve young inmates of the juvenile prison Casal del Marmo. Two of them are girls, one Italian and the other from Eastern Europe. The Pope wore an apron made ​​by the youth of the Comunità di Villa San Francesco in the province of Belluno, and its fabric comes from the Holy Land. The time of the washing of the feet was extremely moving. The Pope knelt down six times. Every time he washed the feet of the two young people in front of him. The Holy Father washed one of the feet of each young person – he poured water, dried the foot, and then kissed it.

It is reported that two of the youths whose feet were washed are Muslim.

Note the placement of the pope’s stole – surely not an accident.

Here is the pope and the ministers, with the simplicity (and absence of lace) we’ve come to expect of this pope:

For a reflection on the meaning of footwashing on Holy Thursday, see ‘An Intimate Act of Lord”  by Pray Tell reader Chris McDonnell.

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