Here is the coat of arms of Pope Francis. It’s like his coat of arms as a cardinal, except the cardinal’s hat is changed to… wait for it… not a papal tiara but a bishop’s miter.

Here is his coat of arms as Cardinal Bergoglio:

The coats of arms of previous popes all had a tiara, even after popes no longer wore it.

Pope John XXIII:

Paul VI:

John Paul I:

John Paul II:

Benedict XVI:

At one point this banner appeared with a new coat of arms. It caused some uproar, and the Vatican clarified that it wasn’t Benedict’s new coat of arms. (Pray Tell incorrectly reported earlier that it was.)

OK, I’ll be really honest. I don’t think Pope Francis’ coat of arms looks too great. In conception and proportion, it’s a step backward from what he had in Argentina. So it goes.



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