Vatican Website Translation:

31. The revision of the liturgical books must carefully attend to the provision of rubrics also for the people’s parts.

Latin text:

31. In libris liturgicis recognoscendis, sedulo attendatur ut rubricae etiam partes fidelium praevideant.

Slavishly literal translation:

31. In revising liturgical books, let it be sedulously attended to that rubrics be provided also for the parts of the faithful.

The Council Fathers derive this rather clear directive from what they understand to be the communal nature of the liturgy. As the hierarchic nature of the liturgy demands that rubrics for the gestures and actions of the clergy enrich the liturgical books, so should they for the laity. Pray Tell readers may want to explore how effectively the rubrical directives for the liturgy have taken root in the prayer customs of the faithful over the last fifty years (e.g., bowing at certain texts in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan or Apostles’ Creed). They may also wish to consider the processes by which certain gestures arising from the people (e.g., holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer and/or raising them at the doxology) may enter the official liturgical books.

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