Vatican Website translation:

20. Transmissions of the sacred rites by radio and television shall be done with discretion and dignity, under the leadership and direction of a suitable person appointed for this office by the bishops. This is especially important when the service to be broadcast is the Mass.

Latin text:

20. Transmissiones actionum sacrarum ope radiophonica et televisifica, praesertim si agatur de Sacro faciendo, discrete ac decore fiant, ductu et sponsione personae idoneae, ad hoc munus ab Episcopis destinatae.

Slavishly literal translation:

20. Let transmission of sacred actions by means of radio and television, especially if it is done concerning the making of the Sacred [Eucharist], be done discretely and with decorum, under the guidance and sponsorship of an appropriate person designated for this office/task/responsibility by the Bishops.

This article simply acknowledges that proper decorum should attend any transmission of a liturgical celebration through various media. Since the Council Fathers probably did not envision the present world of Internet communication, Skype, YouTube videos, iPhone recordings, etc., they could not have recognized how little control they would have over the recording and distribution of liturgical events. Pray Tell readers may want to explore the impact of such media on liturgical celebration: in a world of “virtual community,” what does the liturgical demand for bodily presence and activity in a particular space engender?

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