De LaSalle Brother Louis DeThomasis, president of Christian Brothers Investment Services, is a former president of St. Mary’s University of Minnesota and the author of Flying in the Face of Tradition: Listening to the Lived Experience of the Faithful, published by ACTA Publications. In a column at Huffington Post he writes:

In more than 30 years serving in Catholic education, both on the secondary and university levels, I have seen the Catholic Church lose many generous and spiritual young people because the institutional leaders do not give them the “spiritual space” to question, to dialogue, to doubt, to challenge. In fact, some of these institutional leaders contend (often behind closed doors) that the church is better off without these querulous youth and instead shower their attention on young people who accept the church with docility and are supposedly “flocking” into the church. It is not the young people (and many of their parents) who are leaving the church that are the supposed “cafeteria Catholics.” It is those who are picking and choosing from the teachings of Vatican II, which first convened exactly 50 years ago this October, as if it were not as “legitimate” a Council of the entire church as, say, Vatican I or even the Council of Trent.

Read the entire column, “The Subversion of Vatican II,” here.


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