Reports from several sources that Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix Diocese is withdrawing permission for Communion under both forms; only priest and deacon may receive from the Cup, come November 27th. That’s shaping up to be quite the day liturgically.

This is bad, very bad: on sacramental, ecclesiological, scriptural, ecumenical, grounds, at least. But apart from that…

I don’t find anything on the diocesan website. I’m sure many PT readers will send in reports as soon as they surface.

UPDATE 9-21: The diocese has posted a press release and Q&A. Both forms of communion is banned at most, but not all Masses. It is still permitted on some special occasions, but not on Sundays, apparently.

I wonder who drafted these documents for the diocese. Here’s my favorite part of the press release: “Since the 11th century, the Latin Rite Catholic Church distributed Holy Communion to the faithful under the form of bread.” Hmm, I thought the form of bread has been used since the first century. I’m pretty sure they mean “bread alone.” But I’m not sure why they chose the 11th century, since Communion under both forms continued for a couple centuries after that in parts of the Latin Rite Catholic Church. Oh well. Everything in the new rules is legal … and that’s really all that counts, isn’t it?


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