As reported in Our Sunday Visitor, research by CARA, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, indicates that less that a quarter of English-speaking Catholics are aware that there will be a new translation of the Mass this fall. As might be expected, there are significant differences in awareness based on frequency of Mass attendance, with frequent Mass attenders being more aware.

Still, only 57% of those who attend Mass weekly are aware that there is a new translation coming. Among those who attend only a few times a year, only 9% know that the words of the Mass will be changing.

It occurs to me that:

  1. this can help us who obsess over the new translation to keep things in perspective and to understand why others are not in despair/ecstasy.
  2. we really need to get off the stick in educating, or at least informing, people about the new translation.
  3. it will be impossible to evaluate the general reaction to the new translations until they are actually implemented.
  4. there will be pastoral/liturgical issues for years to come in dealing with people who have drifted from the Church and who are back for a wedding or funeral or something like that. We will need to provide texts for these occasions if we want people to be able to participate.
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