Just to alert our readers to a number of excellent, thought-provoking, cross- blog considerations relevant to liturgical music and of interest to at least some Pray Tell readership:

Sonja, one of the regularly contributing authors at Women In Theology (WIT) opens with “Ethnic” Hymns in White Churches; Katie, another WIT author, follows up with “Ethnic” Hymns in White Churches Take Two.

Andrew, a contributor for Memoria Dei, furthers the discussion from a different perspective with The untold significance of African American spirituals.

Today, Rod of Alexandria at Political Jesus has advanced the conversation with his contribution Take 4: The Sorrow Songs & Black Churches. (H/T to Katie at WIT for alerting me to this.)

If you are not already familiar with these fine blogs, all written from very different perspectives, you might take some time after reading the above articles to poke around their archives — rich theology unfolding in all these venues.

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