Bishop Maurice Taylor was Roman Catholic Bishop of Galloway, Scotland, 1981-2004. He was on the Episcopal Board of ICEL (the International Commission on English in the Liturgy) for more than ten years, and was chair of that body 1997-2002. Bishop Taylor’s 2009 book It’s the Eucharist, Thank God is a collection of essays on various aspects of the liturgy. With kind permission from Decani Books we reprint one chapter from this book, “A Cold Wind from Rome,” in which Bishop Taylor speaks of the relationship between ICEL and the Holy See during his time as Episcopal chair. The chapter begins with a reference to the 1997 English sacramentary which was approved by every English-speaking bishops’ conference, unanimously in some cases, but rejected by the Holy See.

“A_Cold_Wind_from_Rome” by Bishop Maurice Taylor

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