Pray Tell’s Teresa Berger interviews two colleagues about the upcoming Coronation

Since I work, at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, with two scholars who have real expertise related to the liturgical and musical aspects of the upcoming Coronation (and are both British, too), I sat down with them for a conversation about the liturgy and music to be expected on May 6th. Oh, and I got to ask about bells too 🙂

Here is the link to the video of the interview [it’s about 30 minuts in length]:


  1. Very enjoyable and informative, Teresa. Many thanks.

    A question which struck me was since the liturgy was a Holy Communion service, why the congregation was not encouraged/permitted to ‘draw near and take the Body of the Lord.’

    1. I suspect that never in its thousand + years history has the congregation received Communion along with the King and Queen. It would seem strange to introduce such a custom now when a large percentage of the congregation may be non-anglicans, non-Christians, and non-believers.

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