Only “inculturated” Roman Missal since Vatican II

Vatican News has an article on Pope Francis and the Missel Romain pour les Diocèses du Zaïre.  This is in the context of his cancelled trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo Where he was due to travel in July.

The Vatican Publishing House is publishing a book (in French) about this edition of the Roman Missal and Pope Francis wrote a prefect to the book.  In this preface he says that

The Congolese rite of the Eucharistic celebration is certainly the fruit of missionary preaching under the African sun and which was collected at dawn. In its triple fidelity to the faith and to the apostolic tradition, to the intimate nature of the Catholic liturgy itself, and finally to the religious genius and the African and Congolese cultural heritage, the Missel Romain pour les Diocèses du Zaïre is the only ‘inculturated’ Roman missal, born of the liturgical reform of Vatican II.

Pope Francis comments that the Missel Romain pour les Diocèses du Zaïre has “perfectly achieved the objectives assigned to it,” and that it “allows the Congolese to pray in their language, with their body and soul, and to use symbols that are familiar to them.”

He also “ proposed this Missal as a “model for other Churches seeking an appropriate liturgical expression to the  inculturation of the Gospel“ adding that:

The immense importance of a culture marked by faith cannot be overlooked. In the face of the onslaught of contemporary secularism, an evangelized culture, for all its limits, has many more resources than the mere sum total of believers. An evangelized popular culture contains values of faith and solidarity capable of encouraging the development of a more just and believing society, and possesses a particular wisdom which ought to be gratefully acknowledged.

I presume that all of us can take Pope Francis’ advice to heart and learn from the Congolese example.  However, I, for one, have never been able to find a copy of this Missal.  Nathan and Rita have posted on PrayTell on this use before (here and here ), but details on this use are still somewhat scarce. Does anyone know where an actual copy of the Missel Romain pour les Diocèses du Zaïre can be found?  Are there editions of it available for sale? Is there an English translation of significant selections of it, if not of the whole Missal?  I think I saw a YouTube video of a Mass in St. Peter’s in this use, but does anyone know of other resources for this missal? Maybe some publishing houses should consider publishing a study edition of this Missal for the use of those of us who are not in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



The cover picture of Ruins of the Cathedral of the Holy Saviour of Congo in modern-day Angola, constructed 1491 as one of the first Catholic cathedrals in the Kingdom of the Congo, is available as a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.o Unported license on Wikipedia Commons



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