Resources for the Sunday of the Word of God

As we prepare for the Sunday of the Word of God some might find it helpful to look at the resources that are available on-line.

The Congregation for Divine Worship published a note with some suggestions on how to mark this day.

Additionally, there is a Liturgical-Pastoral Resource published by the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization.  It is available as a pdf on their website, and in printed form by London’s Catholic Truth Society.

The USCCB’s Office of Divine Worship has a page with various resources.

The Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions has also made their own suggested resources available.

Maybe readers could post other resources and suggestions in the comments below.  I realize that the Sunday of the Word of God will take place in a little over a week and that it might be too late to organize events for this year, but this can help us to reflect for next year and subsequent years.



  1. The Liturgical-Pastoral resource booklet is very fine, but the English translation is incomplete. Some of it is still in Italian!

  2. Steve Janco has written this excellent hymn text for this Sunday. It works immediately with THE FLIGHT OF THE EARLS (I Sing a Maid), RESIGNATION (My Shepherd Will Supply My Need), KINGSFOLD (I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say), or any Common Meter Double tune. Steve recommends not using an overly-triumphant or martial tune.

    God speaks, unfurling earth and sky,
    the sun and wind and sea;
    then with a love as close as breath
    brings forth humanity.
    The Word of God, Emmanuel,
    becomes God’s sacred sign
    that every person, every race
    bears God’s divine design.

    God calls the young, the flawed, the poor,
    the stranger out of place
    to help unfold God’s saving plan
    with dignity and grace.
    Their stories, written long ago,
    still sound an ageless theme:
    The ones whom others disregard
    God holds in high esteem.

    The word of God is speaking still,
    through page and screen and voice,
    good news of God’s inclusive love
    that moves us to rejoice!
    Acclaim the Word of God anew
    in prayer and song and sign,
    for Christ is present in our midst
    in church, at home, online.

    Proclaim the gospel here and now,
    to neighbors far and near,
    in truth and justice, hope and love,
    not scorn or lies or fear.
    Reclaim the story! Stir the flame!
    Christ meets us in the fray.
    The Word of God will lead us on
    to witness, serve, and pray.

    Text: Steve Janco, b. 1961.
    © 2021 by Steven R. Janco. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

      1. I agree about the Tallis! My suggestions were (hopefully) meant to connect to hymn tunes that are fairly common/familiar.

  3. Between the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and this new observance of Sunday of the Word of God one could make a bridge, but one or the other is likely to lose something.

  4. I am grateful for this reminder that Pope Francis urged us to celebrate The Sunday of the Word of God. I completely forgot it and when this Sunday came upon us last year I already had my homily thoughts together. We heard nothing about it from our diocese last year or this year.

    However I digress to consider the comments or suggestions for songs by Alan. People in the pews don’t know the songs he mentioned and most will therefore click off. They may work for a “concert” Mass where the choir has learned them but will not encourage full and active participation from those in the pews. The same can be said when the “introit” is sung.

    I think often the article “How to get more people to sing at Mass: Stop adding new hymns” by John Zupez, S.J. in the May 8, 2019 issue of America. I would love to see this article republished and discussed on this blog. I have never seen it mentioned on PrayTellBlog but must say it makes great sense to this ordinary priest ordained over 57 years ago

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