New Capo Ufficio for CDWDS

Fr Enda Murphy has been named the new head of office of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

A native of Northern Ireland, he is a priest of the diocese of Kilmore, a diocese mostly in the Republic of Ireland but with a few parishes in Northern Ireland. Fr Murphy holds a doctorate in liturgy from the Pontifical Liturgical Institute at Sant’ Anselmo (his thesis was on the Rite of Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens), and has recently been working as an official in CDWDS. He has also been serving as the Holy See’s delegate to ICEL.

Participants in the Pontifical Council for Culture’s virtual conference “Church and Music: Texts and Contexts” in February 2021 will have seen Fr Murphy give an excellent presentation on the topic “From Latin to Local”. His liturgical savvy is laced with a fine pastoral sense, which bodes well for the future work of CDWDS.


  1. In a further twist to CDW affairs, Fr Corrado Maggioni, who was Fr Enda Murphy’s predecessor as Capo Ufficio and who was only promoted to Undersecretary of CDW at the end of May this year as part of the appointment of a new CDW Prefect and senior team, has now been moved to be President of the Pontifical Committee on International Eucharistic Congresses, succeeding Archbishop Piero Marini who has been in that role since 2007.

    This development leaves another vacancy for Archbishop Arthur Roche to fill, earlier than might have been anticipated.

    1. There is normally only one undersecretary in CDWDS. Father Aurelio Garcia Macias was appointed undersecretary on 27 May 2021 and, breaking with past practice, he was named a bishop. Father Maggioni continued in the post of undersecretary to which he had been appointed on 5 November 2021. He was kept in place till the pope was ready to name him president of the pontifical committee on international eucharistic congresses. The announcement was made yesterday.

    2. On 27 May 2021 Pope Francis appointed Father Aurelio Garcia Macias undersecretary of CDWDS. Breaking with precedent, the pope named Father Garcia Macias a bishop. Father Corrado Maggioni, S.M. M. continued as an undersecretary, a post he had held since 5 November 2014. His remaining in that office was pending the announcement of his appointment as president of the pontifical committee for international eucharistic congresses. That appointment was made yesterday after the close of the eucharistic congress in Budapest.

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