Catching the Light

. . . and the stars will be falling from heaven.

MARK 13:25


Apocalyptic stars make a grand appearance in the lectionary texts for the First Sunday of Advent. I was reminded of these Advent stars when I walked in my neighborhood a few nights ago. A crescent moon wandered up beneath two twinkling luminaries, and I thought about humanity’s longings for light in  nighttime places.

2020 has been a year of uncertainties. Many stars we thought forever anchored in place seem to be falling or wavering.

In the midst of so many long-standing and unprecedented uncertainties, I have been grateful for connecting with colleagues, friends, and family members, even if only by Zoom, and for opportunities to consider anew the gifts of God’s good creation. Many glittering granules of community have filled me with Spirit-hope.

Even as we wait with restless longing during this Advent season, may we take time to say “thank you” for the bits and pieces of light we have had a chance to catch and share across these strange pandemic months.

I wish you blessings as we begin another Advent season.

“The stars are falling–”
was she asking or announcing?
“a sign of the times.”

A rocking, smiling moon
slid beneath the stars–
to catch them, perhaps,
as they tumble
through turbulent times
to a light-hungry earth?

“She will hold the pieces,” I said
and smiled back at the hopeful moon–
bent on cradling the aching light
until she is full–
one more time.

“The stars are falling–“
was she asking or announcing?
“a sign of the times.”


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