A Prayer for Those who Cannot Receive Communion

Recent Pray Tell posts have focused on the Act of Spiritual Communion by St Alphonsus Liguori. You will find the discussions here and here.

GIA has just made available a new prayer by Diana Macalintal for the same purpose, which seems to me to be a vast improvement. Here it is in both English and Spanish, with permission of the author:

A Prayer When One Cannot Receive Communion

My Jesus,
I believe that, even before I was born, you have been with me,
knitting my very being, day by day, into the garment of your love,
clothing me with grace every moment of my life.
And on the day of my baptism you poured your love into my heart
through the Holy Spirit who unites me eternally to you.

Through that same Spirit I pledge my love and adore you,
present in your Most Holy Body and Blood.
Though I cannot consume you in this sacred banquet
let me be consumed by your complete desire for me
so that my longing for you may be filled with your love alone
and your mercy overflow through me into this world so in need.

On that joyful day when I do receive you in the Eucharist,
may I remember that this precious gift is still but a foretaste
of the holy gifts that await your holy people at your heavenly altar.
There, with the saints and angels, we shall see you face to face
and give you perfect praise for ever. Amen.

Diana Macalintal
© GIA Publications, Inc.

Oración para cuando uno no puede recibir la Comunión

Mi Jesús,
creo que aun antes de que yo naciera, tú ya estabas conmigo,
tejendo mi propio ser, día a día, en la ropa de tu amor,
cada momento de mi vida me vistes con la gracia.
Y el día de mi Bautismo derramaste tu amor en mi corazón,
a través del Espíritu Santo que nos une eternamente a ti.

A través de ese mismo Espíritu, prometo mi amor y adorarte,
presente en el Santísimo Sacramento de tu Cuerpo y Sangre.
Aunque no pudeo comer tu Cuerpo en este banquete sagrado,
déjame ser tomado por tu deseo completo por mí,
para que me anhelo por ti se llene solo con tu amor,
y tu misericordia se desborde a través de mí en este mundo tan necesitado.

En ese día alegre cuando yo te reciba en la Eucaristía,
que pueda recordar que este don preciado no es más que un anticipo
de los dones sagrados que esperan a tu pueblo santo en tu altar celestial.
Allí, con los santos y los ángeles, te veremos cara a cara
y te daremos una alabanza perfecta para siempre. Amén.

Diana Macalintal, trans. Israel Martinez
© GIA Publications, Inc.


  1. If only we could print it on prayer cards.
    But it can be posted on the website and incorporated into the recording of Mass.

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