The Absence of Holy Water

Fr. Martin Stuflesser, liturgy professor at the University of Wurzburg, Germany, posted this at Facebook. It’s a notice posted by the holy water font at a church in German.Here’s the original:


  1. I see Fr Rob Esdaile has “holy water stoop”, a non-standard(!) spelling of “stoup.”
    Perhaps a reminder that, like entering the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, it is right and necessary to stoop, acknowledging that we are not the lords of the universe.
    This now is our unexpected sabbath.
    Sabbath is not a stagnant pond. It is a living, running stream.
    We need to accept the need for flood-plains in our lives as individuals and as a society, allowing for and accepting times of surge, however disturbing, which may redirect the channel, and which will always, in God’s providence, be a time of renewal, like the waters of the Nile, or like the waters described in Ezekiel 47 flowing from the Temple, a rich source of life.
    And we are clearly not the ones in charge.
    It’s like a Holy Saturday. Waiting.
    Wondering what people we are, and what or who we will find is risen.

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