Happy New Year! Pray Tell’s Best of the Decade #1-5

It is officially a new decade and to celebrate, we have collected the most popular articles published on Pray Tell since its first publication in 2010. Here are numbers one through five. You can find numbers 6-10 here.

5. Non Solum: When to Use Incense at Mass

Nathan Chase – October 24, 2013

As part of the Non Solum series, Nathan Chase proposed a twofold question: At which Masses do you use incense? and When in the liturgy do you use incense? What followed was an incredibly in-depth conversation with sixty comments on the use of incense.

4. The Confirmation Slap

Anthony Ruff, OSB – May 11, 2012

In this article, a Pray Tell reader asked about the famous slap that the bishop used to give people after anointing them with chrism oil. In the article Fr. Paul Turner explains why the slap was taken out of the rite.

3. Category: Translation/New Missal

This isn’t a specific article, but the category of Translation/New Missal was by far the most popular category searched by Pray Tell readers. There have been over 400 articles written in this category dating back to the start of Pray Tell and the fact that people come to Pray Tell and go to this category directly shows not only the importance of the topic in the liturgy world, but it is also a topic readers want to discuss.

2. Through him, with him, in him…

Anthony Ruff, OSB – August 22, 2010

In 2010, Anthony Ruff broke down the translation of the eucharistic doxology, showing the deficiencies of the 2010 translation. It takes the literal order of the Latin translation but entirely misses the Latin syntax.

1. From Left to Right or from Right to Left? The Sign of the Cross

Liborius Lumma – September 13, 2017

Our most popular post of the decade came from Liborius Lumma, who looked at the sign of the cross going from left to right, which is dominant in the Western tradition, and argues why we should be moving from right to left instead.

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