60-Second Sermon: 31st Sunday in OT

Rory Cooney reflects on the Gospel for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (3 November 2019) for our Sixty Second Sermon Series.


  1. Excellent, Rory – guess I could get Rev. Mike Walsh to put a tree up in the sanctuary and follow your example?
    Loved it!!!!

  2. In Churches that use the Byzantine rite, this Gospel is the herald or harbinger of the beginning of the pre-Lenten season. It’s rather odd (for me) to hear it in October.

  3. Time to jump down from our tree…I love the image. It makes clear that we are on level ground that can invite equity and inclusion, if our hearts are open like the heart of Christ. Thank you, Rory!

  4. This was well done and the visual catchy.
    But the message is challenging for a Church that chooses not to distribute the Body of Christ to the sinner…
    “But Jesus knows that we all define ourselves by whom we like and whom we hate.”
    Is it true that churches do act as if “God loves me more than you…”
    Simple words but really challenging…

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