Brief Book Review: Balaam’s Donkey

Balaam’s Donkey: Random Ruminations for Every Day of the Year by Michael Casey

Who’s it for? Everyone who is seeking spiritual nourishment.  Preachers, catechists and spiritual guides will especially find this volume to be a go-to resource for talking points and insights to share.

Why is this book useful/practical?  This is a source for daily prayer, with a reflection and brief concluding prayer for each day of the year.  The reflections are also arranged alphabetically according to topic, so one can turn to this collection for a wide range of topics and life experiences.

What will you like the most?  The timeless wisdom, wit and spiritual depth of Michael Casey, as well as his engaging and accessible style.

Kudos.  Michael Casey gathered his note cards from homilies preached over his 50 years of priesthood and expanded his notes into this remarkable collection of enriching reflections and prayers.  Casey is one of the true spiritual masters of our time.  Anyone who sits and prays with these reflections will understand why – you will feel fed.  

Michael CaseyBalaam’s Donkey: Random Ruminations for Every Day of the YearLiturgical Press 2019.  448 pgs.


Anne Koester was a practicing lawyer before earning an MA in theology at St. John’s University , Collegeville. She has worked at the University of Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy and the Georgetown Center for Liturgy. She is currently on the staff of the Office of Compliance and Ethics and an adjunct member of the Theology Department at Georgetown. She is RCIA coordinator at Holy Trinity, and is a member of the Acquisitions Advisory Council for Liturgical Press.

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