German Catholic Women: A Week of Boycott

Under large media attention, a movement by German Catholic women has begun a boycott of liturgies and voluntary services for a week. This form of protest was launched by “Maria 2.0,” a loose association of local initiatives. Its aim is to reinforce the request for women’s ordination and more resolute fight by the bishops against all forms of abuse in the Catholic Church.

A short report by Germany’s public broadcaster Deutsche Welle on the beginning of this boycott week can be found here.


  1. I wonder if the people in support of this protest would be willing to go into schism with Rome over this issue and have the German Church become self-governing. Because even if you believe women’s ordination to the priesthood is a theological possibility, the only way that would happen in the near future is schism.

  2. Nothing. Nothing will get done.

    At least the women of Germany picked one of the quieter weeks of the Easter Season. But besides my low attempt at humor may the bishops and the Church listen before they call out paternalistic responses.

    It reminds one of the Hunger Games when talking about the uprising, President Snow asks Seneca why he thinks they allow one person to win…and then comes this dialogue:
    President Snow: Hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, alot is dangerous. This [hope] is fine, as long as it’s contained.
    Seneca Crane: So…
    President Snow: So, contain it.

    Who knows where this will end or take the Church in Germany. My sense is that hope is in there somewhere.

    1. That’s an awfully ominous comparison. The real issue is that this sacramental protest neglects to engage with the theology surrounding the Church’s teachings on [the impossibility of] women’s ordination. The protesters and their backers may not like it, but that’s the Church’s game. Rallying the Districts and seizing the Capital won’t change that. They didn’t back down after Luther, and if Pope Francis’s recent statement on women deacons is any indication, they won’t now.

  3. Ordaining women is an administrative thing. Nothing to do with faith or morals. If this boycott were really irrelevant, nobody would be talking about it. That they are talking, well …

    1. No, ordaining women is a theological thing. Ordination is a sacrament! However this one sacrament has three different levels – episcopal, priestly and diaconal. We need to understand the theological differences between these levels. Then we can see that, while women cannot be ordained to the first two levels, they could be ordained to the third.

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