GOSPEL COMMUNION: Second Sunday of Easter

April 28 2019 : 2nd Sunday of Easter

The antiphon is adapted from the one given in the Missal and Gradual for this day, influenced by the wording of the 1998 ICEL Antiphonal.
      The nails were here; reach out and feel.
      Thomas, believe and no longer doubt, alleluia.
It picks up John 20:27 from today’s Gospel. We too should put out our hand to receive our Lord, and doubt no longer but believe in his gift of himself.

The Antiphonal also suggests two psalm choices. The composers opted for the first of these, Psalm 30(29).

The music to the antiphon is adapted from the Song for the Week (entrance song) for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Lead Me, Guide Me, Be True to Your Name, which already occurred in the weeks preceding Lent.

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