Paul VI on liturgical reform Part 6

In view of the canonization of Pope Paul VI, the pope of liturgical reform, in October, Pray Tell is occasionally  publishing some of his most significant statements on liturgical reform. Today’s excerpt addresses those who did not entirely accept the church’s reforms. The next excerpt from the same address is directed at those who went beyond the reforms arbitrarily and in unapproved ways. 

a. One extreme is made up of those who ⎯⎯ claiming the strongest allegiance to the Church and the magisterium ⎯⎯ reject and repudiate in practice the very principles of the Council and their subsequent application and reformation as well as the measured carrying out of these principles by the work of the Holy See and the conferences of bishops under our Christ-given authority. Such people diminish the Church’s authority under pretext of tradition; their obedience to that authority is merely lip-service. They draw the faithful away from the ties of obedience to the See of Peter as well as from their lawful bishops. They repudiate the authority of today in favor of that of another age…

…For our part, in the name of tradition, we beseech all our children and all Catholic communities to celebrate the rites of the restored liturgy with dignity and fervent devotion. Use of the new Ordo Missae is in no way left up to the choice of priests or people…

…In virtue of the supreme authority granted to us by Jesus Christ we command the same ready obedience to the other new laws, relating to liturgy, discipline, pastoral activity, made in these last years to put into effect the decrees of the Council. Any course of action seeking to stand in the way of the conciliar decrees can under no consideration be regarded as a work done for the advantage of the Church, since it in fact does the Church serious harm.

(Paul VI, Adress to a consistory, excerpt on loyalty to the Church and the Council, May 24, 1976)

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  1. “Use of the new Ordo Missae is in no way left up to the choice of priests or people…”

    Well, that sure ain’t true anymore. It’s a different world, and Deo gratias for that.

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