Book on Deaconesses (in Greek)

Orthodox theologians devoted to restoring the order of deaconess have published a book on the ordination of deaconesses and the question of women in ordained ministry dedicated to the Patriarch of Alexandria. This news is significant as it demonstrates that interest in and research on the deaconess is of international concern, and not merely a topic confined to North American quarters. Cambridge Scholars is working on an English translation of the book at this time.

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  1. The table of contents of this book is extensive. Looks impression, Nicholas, thank you for sharing.

    The news that it will be dedicated to the Patriarch of Alexandria in appreciation of his decision to restore the order of deaconesses is also very important. Greg Kandra at The Deacon’s Bench received a communication from a Jesuit (not otherwise identified) that denied that any such restoration is in the works at all, and he wrote that this “throws cold water” on the report.

    Clearly there are well-informed theologians in the Orthodox world who disagree with this dismissive evaluation, as the dedication of this book demonstrates. Even though the contours and consequences of the Alexandrian decision remain to be seen, something must have happened. If there was no decision made at all, it would hardly have merited the dedication of such a massive work.

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