Out of the Mouths of Babes

This video should warm the heart of any chant lover.

I would also love to hear from Fr. Ruff and other chant scholars what they think of the manuscript she is singing from. Is this some hitherto unknown early form of chant notation?


  1. Fritz: Many times during our Sunday morning family mass, when I and probably others in the assembly get to indulge a young reader of scripture who is obviously not ready, I have used those exact words from Psalm 8 in response. My meaning: while the Word of the Lord has not been proclaimed at this moment, a child has offered the praise of which he/she is capable now. Greater and more edifying things may come in time – so we pray.

    Nearly always our youth involve themselves in ministries because a parent or other elder invites or pushes them. My father pushed me into altar service a little prematurely and the first time I served I rang the handbells all through the Te Igitur! I guess I have harnessed my exuberance successfully over the years.

    But I am sure that the three-year old Mozart performed more competently in his first recital.

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