The Ordo Cantus Officii is Here!

In February 2014 I wrote here:

One hears in Rome that the Congregation for Divine Worship has finalized a new version of the Ordo Cantus Officii (“Order of Chant of the Office”). This directory would be the basis for the production of the long-awaited Antiphonale Romanum, the book for the celebration of the reformed Liturgy of the Hours in Latin chant.

Good news: it’s here! A contact in Rome informed me that the OCO is on the shelves.

OCO 2015 2-Frontispizio

And here’s the official decree, signed by Cardinal Canizares and Archbishop Roche in June 2014:

OCO 2015 3-Decreto

It will be a great day when the antiphons in this directory appear in the new Antiphonale itself. Then, finally, one will have everything in one place to chant the reformed Liturgy of the Hours of the Roman rite in Latin. I’m sure all that will take time to pull together. I explained some of this here.

The new OCO is listed at Libreria Editrice Vaticana here. Yes, I’ve ordered my copy.


  1. This is very good news! Although I have a soft spot for privately reciting one’s breviary, the office really ought to be chanted. We’ll see if this leads somewhere.

    Now, anyone want to dare a guess at when the new Antiphonale will be completed?

  2. Does anybody know if Paraclete Press plans to carry this? I’d rather avoid paying shipping charges from Europe.

  3. Anyone know how well they do keeping things like this on the shelf/in-stock? Will there be any left in March??

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