Blessed Oscar Romero

Today in San Salvador, Oscar Romero became Blessed Oscar Romero. His beatification took place in the Plaza Salvador del Mundo under the Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo. Carndial Angelo Amato presided over the ceremonies.

Pope Francis sent a letter today to the Archbishop of San Salvador, Msgr. José Luis Escobar Alas. In the letter Pope Francis said that

The voice of the newly Blessed continues to resonate today to remind us that the Church, a convocation of brothers surrounding their Lord, is the family of God, in which there should be no division.

Pope Francis also said that

Those who invoke him as intercessor and protector will “find in him the strength and courage to build the Kingdom of God, to commit to a more equal and dignified social order.”

Oscar Romero’s beatification has been a source of much joy in San Salvador and the rest of Latin America.

Il Sismografo has provided a link to the Spanish version of Romero’s Beatification Mass.

The Collect (in Spanish) reads as follows:

Dios de poder y misericordia, tú que concediste al obispo Oscar Romero dar su vida, cuando celebraba la Eucaristía, en un acto supremo de amor a Ti, concédenos, te rogamos, que así como a él le diste la gracia de imitar con su muerte la pasión de Cristo, alcancemos nosotros, siguiendo las huellas de tu mártir, la vida eterna. Por nuestro Señor

Perhaps one of our Spanish readers would like to provide an accurate translation of the Collect, and any other parts of the liturgy that are of interest.



  1. God of power and mercy,
    you [who] have granted to Bishop Oscar Romero
    to give his life
    while celebrating the Eucharist,
    in a supreme act of love for you,
    grant us, we ask you,
    that as you gave him the grace
    to imitate Christ’s suffering by his death,
    may we, by following in your martyr’s footsteps,
    gain eternal life.
    Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  2. Prayer over the offerings

    Make holy by your blessing
    these gifts which we offer,
    Lord, and, by them
    ignite in us the call to that love
    by which Blessed Oscar Arnulfo Romero
    conquered the torments of martyrdom.
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  3. Prayer after communion
    Lord, may these sacraments we [just] received
    grant [to] us that courage
    which gave your martyr Blessed Oscar Arnulfo Romero
    faithfulness in your service
    and victory in his suffering.
    Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

  4. Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero has been declared Blessed.
    Archbishop Hélder Câmara should be next.

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