Lenten Devotion Goes Digital

National Catholic Register recently posted on three must-have apps for Lent this year. If you are like me and you live on your phone, you could replace the time you would spend browsing CNN and Facebook with these Lenten devotional tools.

Sarah Reinhard at NCR reported on three apps:


Lentsanity – free; available on iOS and Android

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The idea: daily thoughts and resources to aid your Lenten journey. They’re categorized as prayer, #Lenthacks, virtue, sacrifices, learn the faith, and faith in action. You’ll find Lenten recipes as well as cool graphics you can share across your social networks.

Lentsanity through “the Meat Police” also reminds you to not eat meat on Friday.

I downloaded the app onto my iPhone this morning and am looking forward to using it during Lent.



Lectio Divina Lent – free; available on iOS and Android

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It’s a pretty straightforward app: its purpose is to accompany you, not to distract you with technology away from the purpose of praying with scripture.

Reinhard says it is worth having even if you do not plan to do lectio divina with it.

If lectio divina is something you’re a bit intimidated by or if, like me, you may or may not have time to really sit down with it, this app can still be a companion for your Lent. The Sunday (and Ash Wednesday) readings are within the app. The reflections are also very good.


CRS Rice Bowl – free; available on iOS and Android

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Built by Catholic Relief Services, the CRS Rice Bowl app appears to do it all. It has daily reflections, a tool you can use to measure your Lenten sacrifices, meatless recipes, and the ability to share your Lenten experience with others.

The app is built around 4 pillars: pray, fast, learn, give.

Reinhard says the app has made her CRS Rice Bowl experience come alive:

While we’ll still have a Rice Bowl on our kitchen table, and we’ll still toss in change and bills, I find the app a way to make it personally come to life for me.



Lentsanity, Lectio Divina Lent, and CRS Rice Bowl are just a few of the many Lenten and devotional apps for iOS and Android. If you know of any others please comment below. I am sure many of us would like to know what apps you use to turn your smartphone into a devotional tool.


  1. Thank you for posting these. I simply note the obvious, however, that these will not help with a Lent built around “digital abstinence.” Ah well, Lent has always been about some stark choices…

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