Notre Dame Center for Liturgy launches electronic journal

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy‘s recently revamped Web site now includes an electronic journal:

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy’s electronic journal,  “Oblation:  Liturgy and Evangelization,” explores this radical change, the transformation of all human existence, through contemplation of the liturgical pedagogy of the Church.  And this pedagogy is incomprehensible outside of the mission of evangelization that is defining of the Church’s very identity as a “sacrament–a sign and instrument, that is, of communion with God and of the unity of the entire human race….” (Lumen Gentium, no. 1)

Best wishes to the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy on the beginning of this new endeavor.


  1. We added the rss subscription feed; thanks, for letting us know that people would be looking for it.

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