An Advent Pastoral Letter

Recently, Bishop John Wester published his first pastoral letter to the diocese of Salt Lake City. His letter invites the faithful of the diocese to celebrate/observe the season by slowing down and waiting to put up Christmas decorations. His letter has received a lot of attention lately. How do you celebrate the season of Advent?

Here’s the text in Spanish.

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  1. Although we did not hold off putting up our tree until Christmas, we did intentionally hold off until the Second Sunday of Advent, which was difficult enough for us, but exceedingly joyful. We are holding off ornamenting the tree until the Third Sunday of Advent.

    Additionally, we are using a Jesse Tree to hear every evening our defining story from creation to Christ. My three year old daughter is loving this! We also made a (kid friendly) Advent wreath out of construction paper and are talking together about what in our lives gives us hope, peace, joy, and love.

    We have also decided to celebrate Christmas for twelve days, reserving gifts to be given on certain days throughout the twelve.

    We are finding great effectiveness in these simple Advent practices to form (counter-form) us as patient, peace-filled, hopeful Christians in a world that would drive us crazy otherwise.

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