The Revised Grail Psalter – leaked

And now someone has leaked the Revised Grail Psalter in its 2008 version – the one the US bishops approved, only to have the Vatican make over 300 changes to it. Cardinal George objected, the Vatican never replied, and he finally decided to approve the version with changes, however defective it is.


  1. In the earlier posting, it was indicated that Rome acknowledged Cardinal George’s communication but hasn’t replied. I notice that the phrase was changed to “never replied”, which imputes a determined position to be silent, as opposed to just being slow (even if till now) in responding. Is this a deliberate or accidental change?

    1. Wow, the smoking gun – you found it! Not.

      At least in American English we say, for example, “He never replied until yesterday.” My wording imputes that they have never replied up until now. Which they haven’t. And now they have no reason to – Cardinal George approved their messed-up version.


  2. Interesting that the chronology at the beginning makes no mention of

    (a) the fact that the version proposed to the USCCB in 1984 was the 1983 inclusivized version published by GIA;

    (b) the 1993 mildly-inclusivized version (also published by GIA) that was approved by Cardinal Keeler for use in the US.

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