Mystagogical musical musings at NDCL

The Notre Dame Center for Liturgy is providing a series of online resources for catechesis on the new English translation of the Roman Missal.  Recently I posted four “mystagogical musical musings” on four of the longer chants congregations are invited to sing during the Eucharist: the Glory to God, the Holy, Holy, Holy, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Lamb of God.  I examine both the new translations and the proposed ICEL chant settings of these texts. These musings attempt to enrich worshipers’ engagement with these texts by examining their biblical foundations and contexts, their historical usage, and their present-day rubrics.


      1. +JMJ+

        They would probably require some editing or re-crafting to fit the style of a homily, but other than that, I think they work quite well. It’s not like the priest would need to wait for a Scripture reading that mentioned a lamb (or mercy, or peace) to talk about the Agnus Dei in the homily.

  1. Yes, they are artfully composed and beautifully done –
    I especially like the alliterative title.
    I am making our staff aware of this resource at our
    next meeting! Kudos to you (and to Fr Anthony!) and to Notre Dame for providing it.

  2. +JMJ+

    Thank you very much for these. I enjoyed them thoroughly and learned some new things.

    And something struck me that I had never considered before. In the Gloria, we say/sing “Lamb of God … you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.” We say those exact same words in the Agnus Dei. But the musical setting (I mean the “environment” or “tone”, not a technical “setting”) of the Agnus Dei is quite different from the Gloria. We use the same words but they sound so very different (to me, at least) in the Gloria than in the Agnus Dei.

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