“Do not be unbelieving, but believing”

Anyone up for a bit of calm, soothing Gregorian chant in the midst of it all?? Here‘s “Mitte manum” from last Sunday’s Mass at the abbey, Second Sunday of Easter. Some liberties taken here – this is a communio but we sang it at Prep so we could do a congregational antiphon during Communion. Sometimes we like to alternate between Latin antiphon and English verses – in this case, Meinrad Mode 6. (Those aren’t carafes on the altar, BTW, despite the appearance. Not my department, so don’t get on me about it.)



  1. Carafes are small potatoes compared to a flattened mi! Say it ain’t so, Fr. Ruff!

    I was guest conducting some children today; they’ll be singing with my schola before the EF Mass in DC next Saturday. I was trying different metaphors for “flowing.” Skating rather than marching; skiing; slalom; water coursing over riverbed stones.

    This chant was: dancing. Very nice!

    1. Kathy,

      Having done both — studied with Fr. Anthony and resisted (unsuccessfully) his ideological framework — I can tell you two things: first, yes, you’ll learn “a ton” and won’t regret a minute of it. Second, resistance is futile: once you learn why Fr. Anthony does what he does with the chant, you’ll seriously wonder why anyone else has ever done anything else.


  2. 🙂
    Oh, I’m not ideological about *chant.* Nor about food, come to think of it.

    Just please don’t tell me that the flattened mi has anything to do with ecclesiology! Then my resistance shall not be overcome.

  3. Actually I do see a connection between the flattened MI and local election of bishops, abuse review boards, and future revisions in the Program of Priestly Formation.
    [just kidding.]

  4. I’ve just had a look and listen to the audio and the image above. I must say I rather like the sound of the flattened mi. Moreover, I love the look of the liquescents: are you still using the font from St Meinrad’s to set the chants, or are you using another program?

  5. Fr. Anthony, your 2-part arrangments of the Meinrad tones bring joy to my soul. Is there any way I can get my “manum” on a set for use in my parish? ;p

  6. the verses are fantastic! The antiphon is great but ummm surprised me! Anyway, your version certainly captures the cool story behind the chant. thank you thank you for sharing this with us!

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