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Hymnal Review: One in Faith

Kudos to the WLP hymnal committee for providing the church with so worthy a “worship aid” as One in Faith. The book presents today’s congregations with a mature guide into a distant future.


A New Hard-bound Hymnal on the Horizon for WLP

Close to 900 titles.

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What Mass Settings Are We Using?

At the recent Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts, Michael Silhavy (now at GIA Publications) gave a plenum presentation on Mass settings with the revised Missal translation. This post is based on his remarks and the participants’ comments.

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New and Revised Mass Settings I’m Considering UPDATED 7/7

We’ll be needing lots of Mass settings at the abbey.

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How are US publishers responding to the early rollout of Mass settings?

More than one person in the industry said that a bit more advance notice might have been helpful. Maybe gradual implementation could have begun this Advent, with a grace period of a year or so until settings with old texts are superseded.

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New Missal Resources: World Library Publications

This post is the second in a series about publishers’ resources to assist with implementation of the new missal. Today, Jennifer Odegard from World Library Publications (WLP) discusses what WLP has in preparation.

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What a publisher says about the timeline

Pray Tell asked Jerry Galipeau for a publisher’s perspective on the timeline of the new English missal.

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RIP John Wright

John Wright, DMin, passed away suddenly on July 1st in Iowa.

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Musical Previews

As a followup to a previous post, there are now samples on the web of new and retro-fitted Mass settings from WLP, GIA, and OCP.

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Frankly, there is part of me that believes that this frustration should be directed beyond the grave to the one that many are trying to call “the great.” For all that Pope John Paul II did for the Church, I wonder if his lasting legacy will be a more divided, more polarized Church. Only time will tell.

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