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Reading Council Documents Well

Choosing either Vatican I or Vatican II does not clarify the truth of the church’s nature and mission.

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November 21: Fiftieth Anniversary of Three Vatican II Documents

Pray Tell readers will be interested in what each of these documents has to say about the liturgy.

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: Restoring Dignity, Beauty, Simplicity and Good Taste

“Remember, if the faithful sing they do not leave the Church; if they do not leave the Church, they keep the faith and live as Christians.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: The Sublime Reality

“Look at the altar, placed now for dialogue with the assembly; consider the remarkable sacrifice of Latin, the priceless repository of the Church’s treasure.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: Our Foremost Concern

“Accordingly, our foremost concern is clearly that the faithful, and especially priests, dedicate themselves first of all to the study of the Constitution on the Liturgy and from this moment on prepare themselves to carry out its prescriptions wholeheartedly as soon as these take effect.”

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Pope Paul VI on Liturgical Reform: The Difficult, Complex Debates

“The first achievement of the Council must be treasured as something that will quicken and put its imprint on the life of the Church.”

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Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 65

The Council Fathers had already declared themselves open to the possibility of cultural adaptation of the reformed rites in articles 37-40.

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Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 59

The sacraments are ordered to the sanctifying of human beings, to the building up of the Body of Christ, and finally to rendering worship to God; assuredly as signs they also pertain to instruction.

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A Liturgical Voice from the East: Active Participation in the Byzantine Rite

It seems from my perspective that the Eastern Orthodox Churches today must grapple with the role of the laity in liturgical celebrations just as the Roman Catholic Church did in the mid-20th century (and continues to do today).

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The Richness of Our Eucharistic Prayers

What is most important is that we utilize the diversity inherent in the Roman Rite as it stands today. Calls for greater diversity and inculturation of the Roman Rite make little sense when the current richness of the Roman Rite is not being fully utilized.

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