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Liturgy Lines: Primary Liturgical Symbols

These symbols demand something from us and call us to deeper faith. They are not decorative accoutrements but are present to support our ritual prayer.


The Berlin Wall, Shoe Boxes, and Other Symbols in Ecumenical Liturgy

How to handle symbols in liturgy, how not to handle symbols in liturgy, and what this has to do with the 2017 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

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Kinda Incensed Over Incense

I felt reduced to a mere spectator, watching the priest dignify the objects of bread and wine and candle–symbols of the risen crucified one, indeed–but seemingly blind to the dignity of the baptized assembled for the great offering of praise and thanksgiving.

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Let the Symbols Speak

We can, and must, make very sure that when we participate in these symbolic actions, we celebrate them with fullness and lavishness.

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