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2016 CTSA Proceedings: Reports on Sacraments & Liturgy

The annual convention theme was “Justice and Mercy,” while a couple of the sessions addressed topics in sacramental and liturgical theology. Here are links to the newly e-published Proceedings.

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Review of June Programs Related to Liturgy

A report on two conventions and one summer degree program of potential interest to Pray Tell readers: the annual meetings of the College Theology Society and Catholic Theological Society of America, plus the summer degree programs in liturgy and preaching offered by the School of Theology at Sewanee: The University of the South.

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An Autobiographical Review of J.B. Metz’s Influence on Liturgical Theology

For me, J. B. Metz’s Faith in History and Society provided the key conceptualization for why the Christian religion struggles in late-modern North Atlantic societies, as well as how in this context to think afresh the relationship between liturgy and ethics, “mysticism and politics.”

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Theologies of Worship in the Ritualism Controversy (or: Of Studies, Liturgical Part VI)

Here’s a mixed-and-matched topic that crosses the areas of Liturgical Theology, Modern Liturgical History and Anglican Studies.

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Listen for the breath of God

Today is my son’s baptismal anniversary: he was baptized on Sept 10, 2006. I thought I’d republish this post I wrote on my personal blog when he was an infant as a commemoration.

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