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Why Catholics Can’t Sing (revised edition) by Thomas Day — Review

What was formerly a rant at full gallop is now more of a meandering moan, although some sections still retain the acidulous punch of the first edition.

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Chants of the Roman Missal: A Review

“I warmed to the practical, pastoral tone I read as early as the second page of text: ‘A fully sung liturgy is a praiseworthy ideal, but its implementation calls for prudence and pastoral sensitivity. The chants of the liturgy are sung when it is possible in a given pastoral situation, when the participants are blessed with the resources to do so well, and when it is judged that this will truly glorify God and sanctify the worshippers.’” – John Ainslie

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Chants of The Roman Missal: Study Edition

I think it will become the text on the subject.

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New and Revised Mass Settings I’m Considering UPDATED 7/7

We’ll be needing lots of Mass settings at the abbey.

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Tarheel Workshops

I would suggest that the key to the positive response to the three workshops I have facilitated thus far has been the result of the decision our task force made to not simply present the text of the Roman Missal but rather to use this as an opportunity to invite the faithful to consider more deeply how the liturgy brings us into interaction with the living presence of God — something the liturgy does regardless of the particular language or translation.

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Tutorial Videos

A link for Corpus Christi Watershed was shared with me this morning. It includes videos of someone singing the ICEL chants. This might come in handy to help with formation. Send to Kindle

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Missal production update

Say a prayer for anyone working on missal production. It’s a monster of a job, and there are zillions of details to attend to.

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New missal: Liturgical Press

With this post we start a new series on resources for transitioning to the newly-translated English missal. We start with LitPress.

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Australia: Translation implementation schedule

Parishes, communities and schools can begin singing (not saying) the new texts for the parts of the Ordinary of the Mass from January 1, 2011.

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Chants of Roman Missal – NPM recording

At NPM’s website you can hear the presidential-congregational chants of the upcoming Roman missal

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