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Music for the Church’s Worship 3: Liturgical Music by Dr. Lynn Trapp

In my experience it is quite rare to find a composer who can write idiomatically in both “classical” and “folk” styles, let alone one who has such a sense of what is appropriate for ritual, conducive to prayer, and within the capabilities of most parish musicians. I hope that Dr. Trapp will continue to bless us with his liturgical compositions for many years to come.

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Ruff on chant book at The Catholic Channel

Topic was my new book and CD from GIA, Canticum novum. Here is the soundtrack of the program.

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What Mass Settings Are We Using?

At the recent Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts, Michael Silhavy (now at GIA Publications) gave a plenum presentation on Mass settings with the revised Missal translation. This post is based on his remarks and the participants’ comments.

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A Review of Worship–Fourth Edition

by James E. Frazier
“GIA has successfully kept in touch with the evolution of liturgical music since Vatican II, monitored the changing temper of the musical times, and in its latest volume, despite its faults, the company’s Worship–Fourth Edition presents a mature proposal for a liturgical music that is worthy of the church and its future.”

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A New Chant Collection

“This collection provides easier chants for a schola or choir to sing at Mass (for example, as a prelude, as an entrance chant, at the preparation of the offerings, or as a communion chant) and at other liturgical celebrations. It is intended for those many situations in which it is not yet possible to sing the proper chants in the Graduale Romanum.” – from the Foreword


Hymnal Review: Gather, Third Edition

GIA’s Gather 3 – a valiant attempt to be all things to many people.

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New and Revised Mass Settings I’m Considering UPDATED 7/7

We’ll be needing lots of Mass settings at the abbey.

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How are US publishers responding to the early rollout of Mass settings?

More than one person in the industry said that a bit more advance notice might have been helpful. Maybe gradual implementation could have begun this Advent, with a grace period of a year or so until settings with old texts are superseded.

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The Hymns in GIA’s Worship 4

I have high hopes for a renewal of biblical piety for Catholics who sing the hymn texts in Worship, 4th edition.

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GIA offering use of Japanese Blessing for free during the month of March

GIA Publications is offering, for free during the remainder of the month of March, the use of Lori True’s arrangement of “May the Peace of Christ Be with You / Ki Ri Su To No.”

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