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Lenten Fasting

Perhaps the point is not *this* shared penitential practice as opposed to the other practices but rather this *shared* penitential practice.

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What are you doing for the vigil for peace for Syria?

Here’s what we’ll be doing in San Jose this Saturday.

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The Point of Fasting

Perhaps I am simply an incurable hedonist, but thinking of the Lenten fast as an occasion for moral and spiritual improvement strikes me as profoundly wrong.

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Another Kind of Fasting

“It is a scandal and an open wound that Christians are not able to celebrate the eucharist in common. We can fast, and not merely pray, for church unity. There is spiritual power in freely foregoing reception of the eucharist for a time,” writes Philipp Harnoncourt.

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A hunger for the fast

“For those who do too much,” the lector read, “for those who eat and drink too much, or spend too much, or hurry too much, may the discipline of fasting bring simplicity and peace…”

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