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A dose of reality

To anchor our feet firmly on the ground, here’s a report of another Vigil that an American friend sent me

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How many hands does it take…?

This year’s Easter Vigil was a real logistical ordeal for presiders.

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This is the night!

It is 10:00pm. Here in Kabuga, Rwanda, the Easter Vigil has ended. The people rise from their pews, gather their belongings and begin heading toward the exit. The retinue of liturgical ministers has disappeared into the sacristy. Suddenly, a man runs up the steps of the sanctuary and lights his taper candle with the Paschal flame.

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Non solum: Paschal Candle in Misson Parishes

It seems theologically questionable to take the candle to the city parish for the Easter Vigil, thus resulting in two Paschal Candles at one Mass.

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Refresh my heart: Regreening creation and the human spirit

There’s nothing like a new infant to make you appreciate (also: sweat through) the Easter Vigil mass. My new daughter’s patroness and namesake, Hildegard of Bingen, draws a parallel between baptism and the “re-greening” of creation that occurs annually in spring (we’re still waiting on this in Minnesota).

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Baptismal practice and theology in 13th-century Italy

The 2013 Aquinas Lecture at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, given by Augustine Thompson, O.P., is a fascinating presentation of the baptismal theology and practice in Northern Italy in the 13th century.

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Refresh my heart: A moment of expectation

As I’m preparing for the imminent arrival of my third child, this week is going to be rather busy! I’d like to share a reflection on another impending moment of imminent (liturgical) birth from Aemiliana Löhr.

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The funniest thing I heard at NPM in Pittsburgh…

… was the long-standing custom at the cathedral for the Easter Vigil to start at 6pm and be done by 7:25.


Alleluia! – updated 4/17

The Alleluia at St. John’s Abbey Easter Vigil – with Frenchy organ improv.

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“No translation can express the beauty and force of the Original”

Recently published translations of two Latin hymns have terrible errors. And these are old translations, not new ones.

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