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A Hymn for Christmas

Suitable for the Christmas Vigil Mass with its lengthy genealogy of Jesus demonstrating a theological interpretation of Israel’s history in three epochs — rising from Abraham (patriarch) to David (monarch), falling to the nadir of the destruction of the Davidic monarchy during the Babylonian captivity and then rising and surpassing the first era in Jesus […]


“I worked so hard to be there”

A chance encounter puts a new frame around what liturgists and musicians do at Christmas.


We Need a Little (Advent and) Christmas

I sincerely hope that we see future offerings of this sort from Phyllis Zagano. As her work has enriched the Church in history and ministry, so will it in matters of the spirit.

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Christmas Music from the Abbey

Liturgy and music nerds can start making plans for next year – it is never too early.


Happy Christmas, Happy Epiphany

The three men then walked back out into the night. But the darkness was different. Something had happened in the stable. Their pain was still there, but now they were noticing the stars. There had been a kind of epiphany. Their way back was different.

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Non Solum: Christmas Flower Donations

Is there is a sensitive way to limit or refuse donations?

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Advent & Christmas in the Parish

With a little thought and planning, you can help your parish become immersed in the beauty and richness of Advent and Christmas!

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How the Grinch mistranslated Christmas

The translation of the prayers for Midnight Mass is clumsy, and it misses the spirit of the Mass itself.

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The Christmas Carol: A Reflection

by Nicholas Denysenko
Has a particular Christmas carol touched you this Christmas?

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A profoundly blue Christmas

Little did I know when I posted something about “blue Christmas”-liturgies here recently that people not far from where I live would be forced to confront such a profoundly horrific blue Christmas indeed. I write as a mother with a son in the Connecticut school-system. My heart missed a beat yesterday. Send to Kindle

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