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Blessed Fire!

I say this should be the second chant setting in the U.S. Roman missal, after the ICEL chants based on Latin chant. Whaddaya think?

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O Lord, who are the author of ever-living life…

… bless, recognize, and approve these words, these clauses, these holy and undefiled enunciations …


Gregorian Chant is for Radicals

“I realize that there is no accounting for taste, and that beauty is a fairly subjective topic. However, I believe that Gregorian Chant is the among the most beautiful music in the world…It may never become your favorite music, but it is unlikely you will be oblivious to its beauty.” — Adam Wood

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Religious nonsense is easier to understand than regular nonsense

So the ideal god is magical enough to make him interesting and worthy of our special attention as something that could just about be real. But not so magical as to be utter nonsense!


A liberal discovers chant and traditional liturgy

Sitting in a living room with ten other people, worshiping with nothing but the human voice, gave me a real understanding of how our music can be “on earth as it is in heaven.” I started to realize how much more prayerful, how much more natural, this approach to music was than the over-produced concert music of contemporary Catholicism.

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New and Revised Mass Settings I’m Considering UPDATED 7/7

We’ll be needing lots of Mass settings at the abbey.

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